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Aboveground swimming pools
Generally, basic home insurance policies do not cover damage to aboveground swimming pools. However, you can obtain additional coverage to protect yourself against anything that could damage your above-ground swimming pool, with the exception of normal wear.

In-ground swimming pools
Basic home insurance policies cover damages to in-ground swimming pools.

Residential policies exclude business or commercial belongings, as well as professional liability.

Insurance policies are reviewed after every loss. If the loss is not your fault, your policy will most likely receive no rate increase. If you are deemed to be responsible, your policy may be re-rated with a higher rate charged at renewal or, at worst, it will not be renewed and you will have to find another insurance company.

For home insurance, a replacement cost guarantee means an insured item will be replaced with a new item of the same type and quality if that object is destroyed or rendered unusable. In this case, the insurer does not apply any depreciation.

For automobile insurance, the owner of a new vehicle can also buy a replacement value guarantee. In case of a total loss, various options are available, from the reimbursement of the initial purchase price to the replacement of the vehicle by a new vehicle with the same features.