Business insurance covers much more than your furniture, equipment and stock. You need to protect your earnings, your administrative and professional decisions, and above all your civil liability.

Civil Liability

Whether you’re a young company or have years of experience, you are not immune to accidents.  Business civil liability insurance will protect you against possible lawsuits, whether or not they have any basis.


  • Personal injury and damage to property
  • Product/post construction liability
  • Rental liability
  • Advertising injury
  • Medical costs
  • Non-owned automobile liability FPQ6
  • Product recall
  • Warehouseman’s legal liability

Errors and Omissions (Professional Responsibility)

You are recognized for your professional knowledge. Your advice and recommendations are sought and recognized as sound. Since nobody is perfect, professional insurance can protect you.

Directors and Managers

You sit on a board of directors and your decisions have an impact on the business and the people who work there. Directors and managers insurance will protect you if one of your decisions is contested.

Construction Insurance

You are a builder. Small or large, you can handle it all. Construction insurance protects you during your work. It covers goods that are in the process of installation, as well as your civil liability.


The environment is an important and pressing concern. A civil lawsuit suit regarding water or soil pollution by pollutants such as oils, insulation or chemical products could endanger your business. We can help you.

  • Gradual
  • Sudden and accidental
  • Pollution of property on insured premises
  • Third-party pollution

Goods in Transit

Your company’s revenues depend mainly on imported or exported goods. It is possible to insure one delivery at a time, or all of it on an annual basis. Let us work with you to evaluate your needs.

  • Surface
  • Marine
  • Air
  • Warehouses

Auto Fleet or FPQ1

Whether you’re a contractor or a delivery or transportation company, your vehicles are essential to your work. Whether you have 1 vehicle or dozens, we can find the right insurer for you.

Garage Policy or FPQ4

If your occupation includes working on a vehicle to repair it, maintain it, wash it or simply move it, you need an FPQ4 insurance policy, or garage policy.

Kidnap and Ransom

Your business requires you to travel all over the world. Some places are unhappily known as dangerous for tourists. Let us protect you.

Hole in One

You are organizing an event, or a benefit, and to attract people you offer the chance to win a big prize. And if someone gets lucky? Hole in one insurance will pay the prize.

IT Fraud

You do business increasingly through IT systems and your computers are a real database. Protect your information and that of your customers.

Credit Insurance

Your major customers are not immune to bad luck, and you could find yourself stuck with heavy receivables. Plan for  the unforeseen.


The entire world is your marketplace. You could unhappily be the target of a demand letter that is greater than you thought. Top up your insurance with an additional liability.

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